Monday, August 23, 2010

A few cards...

that I made over my "mojo hiatus". That adorable little mouse is a digi from Meljen's Designs. I've had this card done for a couple of months now...maybe I should send him off somewhere? :) Now as for the basset hound, he is a Tiddly Inks digi...isn't he the cutest? As soon as I saw him, I knew what I would use him MIL's birthday card. When I first met Chad, his parents had four bassets. Now only Lucy is left, but they have added two little weiner dogs to the family. Now, the lion is an acrylic stamp from an Autumn Leaves set called Mindy's Zoo. This card was made for a friend's baby shower. I don't know if anyone may remember me mentioning my coworker Heather and her four sisters? How Heather has a girl, and how three of her sisters each have a girl? Well, the last sister to get pregnant is having a BOY!!! Ironically, Heather is also now pregnant with her second child, and we keep teasing her at work now that her sister has broken the cycle, she will have a boy too. Time will tell. Anyhow, I just wanted to post these cards, so until next time...TOODLES!!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Hi everyone! I'm sure some of you may have wondered what happened to me the last few tell the truth, I'm not really sure, but I know my mojo left me high and dry. I've just now started getting back into making cards (for Christmas)...I made for birthdays along the way, but other than that, I just didn't have much desire to make cards. {GASP!!} Our internet connection hasn't been that great lately either, so I was lucky if I even read any emails. When I had a chance I would breeze thru some when we took the laptop to a free wi-fi place, but didn't really have a chance to stop by too many blogs or make comments. Sorry for that, my friends! Also, I vowed I would spend more time in the pool this summer, which I did, so I have a nice tan on my upper half, LOL! Whew, what a bunch of excuses! Seriously, tho, the lack of mojo was disheartening... :( I'm hoping once things start to settle into a more "normal" routine (eg. kids back in school), that I will find more time in my day to carve out for making cards. Thanks for visiting, and hope to see you soon! TOODLES!


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