Wednesday, November 9, 2011

JB45, It Came Upon a Midnight CLEAR...

OK, before I get into talking about the Jingle Belles prompt for this week, can I ask a question? Did I miss something? Did someone, somewhere declare today to be national cheese steak day, and NOT TELL ME?? I swear I made more cheese steak hoagies today than I have in a whole month! What is up with that??? OK, onto my real reason for being here...

In case you hadn't already guessed it, the lovely Stef and Lauren have asked us to use something clear on our cards this week. Be it acetate, glass, vellum, shrink plastic...if you can see thru it, they wanted it on our cards! Well lemme tell ya, I had the DARNDEST time getting this card done! I have a whole folder filled with pieces of acetate that I have saved from packaging, and I WANTED to use my very large Marvy snowflake punch to punch one out. Well, do ya think it would work for me? NO! No matter what thickness I tried, it just would not go thru. So I gave up on that idea. My next plan was to use one of the SB snowflake dies I have and run it thru the CB. And guess what? No dice. It would mostly cut thru the acetate, but EVERY TIME I tried to use my hands to work it the rest of the way out, I would rip it. Time for another plan. I decided to axe the acetate altogether in favor of some vellum. Well, wouldn't ya know, I have no "clear" vellum, only colored. I figured it was still sorta see-thru, so I ran that thru the CB with the snowflake die. No piece of cake here either, but after a few tries with some shims, I finally got a piece I could use. You can see it up in the top left corner there. Once I had it on there, I kinda feared that maybe it wasn't see-thru ENOUGH, so I searched thru my stash of punched snowflakes for a clear one. It has red glitter on it, but it's still clear! I hope that if you enlarge the pic, you can see it on top of the green one. On top of it, I added a sequin and a tiny red gem. My LO was inspired by this one HERE, by Deanne over at Three Trees. Thanks for the inspiration, Deanne! :)

WELL, after reading all my card-making woes, you really should go over to Jingle Belles, and have a look-see at what everyone else has made. I haven't had a chance to yet, but I'm sure it's all FABBY! :)



  1. oof! i've been there, missus and done that! punches just WILL NOT do anything plasticky, i don't know why!!! i can ususally get most dies to work by shimming them really well & triple-rolling them thru the c-bug, if that helps! you get MASSIVE points for perserverance, however, and colored vellum is DEFINITELY "clear enough"!!! (but i love the "extra" flake, as well!!!) :)

  2. Glad you remained persistent ... sometimes those different mediums can be tricky ... love the final results though ... *clearly* lovely ... so glad you joined us at jingle belles.

  3. Well, your perserverance paid off - your card is fun and totally cute! Thanks for the heads up on punching out plastic; good to know!

    Hugs, Dawn

  4. Your card turned out SUPER cute in spite of your troubles, Marie! But I hear you, I hate those days when EVERYTHING that can go wrong, will? Oy. Maybe all the cheesesteaks you saw were a bad luck omen ;) Hahaha! thanks for popping by my blog! :)



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