Monday, March 17, 2014

I just wanted you all to know...

that I'm alive and well!  I've been working a FT and a PT job for the past 8 weeks, so I haven't had any time for blogging.  I've been trying to keep up thru emails, but not succeeding very well.  AND I have some great news:  the place where I've been working FT (thru a temp agency) has offered me a permanent position!  I'm super excited because this is a great company, and I love working there!  I'm ending the PT job this week because I just can't be so tired all the time and focus on my new job.  I think it's the right choice.  In my blogging hiatus, I have made a card for a coworkers birthday:

She said her favorite color is black, so that's what I focused on.  The layout came from THIS card on Pinterest.  I used Tim Holtz Tattered Florals die to create the flower, and I colored the ends of the petals with a chocolate scented Crayola marker.  My coworker was lovin' that, I tell ya!  ;)  I also sprayed it with my black homemade shimmer spray.  My coworker was so thrilled with her card that she made a list of cards that she would like me to make for her family and friends for birthdays and Christmas!  :)

Well, it's getting late, and my bed is whispering my name (well, maybe yelling is more approprate!), so I thank you all for having a look. 

Take care,


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