Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Jingle Belles46

Hello all! I really wasn't going to participate in this week's prompt at Jingle Belles, until I remembered this recycled sticker that I have been saving for a couple years. That's right, I said recycled sticker. It was on an envelope in which someone had sent me something, and I thought it was waaay too cute to throw away. So, I cut it off. Thanks to those brilliant ladies, Stef and Lauren, this receycled sticker has found its purpose. Since I am running short on time to get this linked up, I won't go into any's pretty simple anyway! Just a little card this time...something different! :) I figured I would just stamp a little sentiment inside when the time comes. Thanks for looking, and have a great night!

Marie :)

1 comment:

  1. ok, you might've been able to hear me gasp and then chuckle just now, all the way from where you are, b/c SERIOUSLY i didn't think anyone else in the entire world really EVER did that besides me!!! ("recycle" adorable stickers from envelopes, i mean!!!) but then i suspect anyone would be tempted to "rescue" this awesome one, since it's practically a WHOLE CARD just on it's own! brilliant!!! :) :) :)



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