Friday, June 21, 2013

Jingle Belles 13:13, We Wish you a Digital Christmas!

Happy Friday!  Normally I'm not extremely happy on my second day off from work, since I have to work the weekend, but it IS getting closer to my vacation!  :)  THAT is something to be happy about!

Another thing to be happy about is the new prompt over at Jingle Belles:  We Wish you a Digital Christmas.  Stef and Lauren and their special guest this week, Gina Cunningham, are asking us to use digital elements on our projects for this prompt.  And I just happen to have been playing with digi images from Stamp Fairy!  This guy's name is Toby, and can be found here.  Here is my card:

He soooo looks like he is enjoying the snowfall, doesn't he?  :)  Well, I don't feel like boring anyone with any details today, so I'll say goodbye for now!

Take care!



  1. oh my goodness, that toby is just waaaaay TOO CUTE and he is the perfect star of your gorgeous card! love it miss marie... now go back to counting down vacation!!! :) (in the meantime, thanks for joining our JINGLE BELLES hybrid-card fun!) ♥

  2. Well isn't Toby a cutie ... especially with that glittery snow fall ... love the inky corners too ... so very glad you joined our digital fun at jingle belles.

  3. I love that bear! He does look very happy to be out in the snow. Great colors too.

  4. Finally, I've found you, lol!! Thanks for all the comments you've been leaving me but you never put in a blog address so I started looking round challenges to see if I could fin you, lol!! Another great prompt from the Jingles Belles, love your bright and happy card too. Have a wonderful trip, going anywhere nice?


    1. Hi Brenda! Sorry for making you hunt me down! Thank you for your comment, and yes, we are going to our favorite place...Gettysburg! :)

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